About: Zhivago Dununcan

Zhivago Duncan, Born 1980 in Terre Haute Indiana USA, is a first generation Syrian American Artist Based in Mexico City.

Duncans work is a negotiation of the disconnection between the physical and metaphysical state of consciousness and how we relate to it through culture and history. Through painting, sculpture, installation and performative machines Duncan attempts to reconcile that disconnection which exists and will always exist through various different theories and cultural practices which create grand ideas, whether, religion, physics literature, myth or science fiction. He uses these ideas as building blocks in a timeline that he has created making a complete scenario of all encompassing things thus inventing its own legend. Through this this process Duncan places a conceptual framework on the range of concept itself: "its not just about making stuff but about describing the history of paintings and the full genres of painting in order to arise important forms of progression as the difference between forms of writing or thinking and its physical manifestation".
Duncans work, as science fiction, contemplate the big question on how will technology impact human existence and how the evolution of physics will allow us to discover a future that we do not know about ourselves. Through using myth and religion as a frame work Duncan navigates through concepts of where we have come from and where we are going, what we can control and what we cannot.


In 2007 Duncan received his BFA in painting from Chelsea College of art and Design London. His works are in the collections of the Perez Art Museum Miami, the Saatchi Collection London, the Barjeel Foundation Sharjah, the Olbricht Collection Berlin and various private collections worldwide.